"Simon Moratz is a BMX professional. He is living in the outback of Munich/Bavaria. The self-made man from UNTERHOLZHÄUSELN is a very talented craftman. When he is not digging his own dirtpark on bad days, he is building his own mobile ramps. Simon takes the mobile ramps to the most impressive places. There he pulls his tricks and has constantly interesting photo opportunities for his Xperia Z. Check out the session. "

SONY Xperia

I started riding bikes with the age of 12 and realized really fast that THIS IS IT! Riding a bike is my life and I try to enjoy life as much as I can. I figured out in school and also when I worked that I just want to ride my bike every day. So I finished my everday working day after coming out on top of my apprenticeship as a carpenter to go full time BMX. With my friends and teammates I love to go to contests and roadtrips all over the world. Building my own dirtjumps is a pleasure. There i can realize my style of riding. For me riding bikes is not just a sport its more lika a sport with lifestyle due to a lot of things I have seen, learned, people and friends I have met.

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Masters of Dirt Promo Tour

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Simon Moratz
+49 176 96373580
Bavaria, Germany

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